NYC Department of Education Report

Feedback reports on Adelphi School of Education graduates.

For the first time, the New York City Department of Education (NYC DoE) has prepared a Teacher Preparation Program Report by documenting, first, our graduates’ contributions to the NYC public school system across six measures of teacher performance, retention, and supply from 2008-2012. On a second report, our graduates are compared with the average performance of NYC DoE new teachers prepared through 12 similar programs.

Below is a summary based on the three key metrics of interest to the NYC DoE regarding Adelphi University RSA SOE graduates:

Adelphi University graduates help meet NYC DoE’s diverse recruitment needs

  • 24% of AU hires work at the highest needs schools compared with 30% of DoE hires; and 75% of AU hires are in subject shortage areas compared to 69% of DoE hires.

Adelphi University graduates perform well based on 3 metrics of performance

  • Adelphi graduates have a higher rate of tenure approval at first tenure decision (67%) compared to the DoE average of 60%.
  • Adelphi graduates have fewer Unsatisfactory ratings in their first year of teaching (2.3%) compared to the DoE average of 3.1%.
  • Adelphi graduates’ growth scores (based on their students’ test results) are mixed; AU has a higher rate of Highly Effective graduates (12%) compared to 7% across DoE, but a lower rate of Effective (68% compared to 75%).  Please note, these are based on a very small sample of data available, and therefore should be interpreted with caution. 

Adelphi University graduates are retained after three years

  • Adelphi graduates have a higher retention rate (83%) after three years compared to DoE average of 80%.

» NYC DoE Adelphi University Teacher Preparation Program Report

Wall Street Journal, August 14, 2013 (Allison Fox)

“Adelphi University and Brooklyn College were tied for the highest percentage of teachers—12%—considered to be highly effective in student improvement on standardized math and English tests between fourth and eighth grade.”

» NYC DoE Teacher Preparation Comparative Report


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