What We Stand For

Our values form the foundation of our education philosophy. 

Values translate into educational goals and purposes that lead to excellent educators and leaders.


We believe teachers must be scholars who value and engage in lifelong learning.

Reflective Practice

We understand the learning process as a fluid and complex process. Our educational philosophy stresses the value of learning through meaningful activity and reflection within a community of scholars and educators.

Social Justice

We recognize learning as a sociocultural dynamic, so we frame our learning and service within the cultural, historical, and material contexts of the diverse populations of the New York metropolitan area. Educators must be aware of the ways schools may imitate the social hierarchies of the larger community. Awareness should lead to action as teachers embrace their roles as student advocates and active community members.

Inclusive Community

Because we know learning is a sociocultural dynamic, we embrace community and collaboration. Democratic, collaborative learning communities that welcome diversity and honor the voices of all hold the most promise for both individual and organizational progress.


Learning is holistic. We believe that values and personal growth in the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual domains should be nurtured as well as skills and knowledge.

Creativity and the Arts

Creative expression and artistic exploration play a large part in personal and professional growth. Creativity and vision are inherent in our conception of the good teacher. The creative process allows us to reflect on our world and to envision ways of making it more humane, just, and beautiful.

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