NYC Department of Education Reports

Feedback reports on Adelphi’s College of Education and Health Sciences graduates.

The 2016 NYC DOE trend report documents Adelphi’s graduates’ applications and hiring rates for the past three years into NYC teaching positions. The report also provides comparative data for teaching applicants from all colleges and universities for the same time period.

The percentage of Adelphi applicants hired by the NYC DOE has increased over the three year period 2013-2015, as has the percentage of our graduates hired in shortage fields such as TESOL, special education math and science. In 2015, 54% of Adelphi’s applicants were hired in shortage areas compared with 43% in 2013. Graduates from other area universities were hired at a lower rate of 48%. This demonstrates that we are preparing teacher candidates with the relevant qualifications and experience to teach in high need areas and in New York City.

» NYC Recent Graduate Teacher Application Report 2016 (PDF)

For the first time, the New York City Department of Education (NYC DoE) has prepared a Teacher Preparation Program Report by documenting, first, our graduates’ contributions to the NYC public school system across six measures of teacher performance, retention, and supply from 2008-2012. On a second report, our graduates are compared with the average performance of NYC DoE new teachers prepared through 12 similar programs.

Below is a summary based on the three key metrics of interest to the NYC DoE regarding Adelphi University RSA SOE graduates:

Adelphi University graduates help meet NYC DoE’s diverse recruitment needs

  • 24% of AU hires work at the highest needs schools compared with 30% of DoE hires; and 75% of AU hires are in subject shortage areas compared to 69% of DoE hires.

Adelphi University graduates perform well based on 3 metrics of performance

  • Adelphi graduates have a higher rate of tenure approval at first tenure decision (67%) compared to the DoE average of 60%.
  • Adelphi graduates have fewer Unsatisfactory ratings in their first year of teaching (2.3%) compared to the DoE average of 3.1%.
  • Adelphi graduates’ growth scores (based on their students’ test results) are mixed; AU has a higher rate of Highly Effective graduates (12%) compared to 7% across DoE, but a lower rate of Effective (68% compared to 75%).  Please note, these are based on a very small sample of data available, and therefore should be interpreted with caution. 

Adelphi University graduates are retained after three years

  • Adelphi graduates have a higher retention rate (83%) after three years compared to DoE average of 80%.

» NYC DoE Adelphi University Teacher Preparation Program Report 2013

Wall Street Journal, August 14, 2013 (Allison Fox)

“Adelphi University and Brooklyn College were tied for the highest percentage of teachers—12%—considered to be highly effective in student improvement on standardized math and English tests between fourth and eighth grade.”

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