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Communication Sciences and Disorders



Robert Goldfarb
Director, Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology

Florence Myers

Lawrence J. Raphael
Coordinator, Doctor of Arts in Communication Disorders

Yula C. Serpanos
Coordinator, Doctor of Audiology Program

Associate Professors

Cindy Arroyo
Adviser, National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association Chapter of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

ReneeĀ Fabus

Susan Handler Lederer
Director, Undergraduate Program

Fran Redstone
Coordinator, Teacher Certification Programs (Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities and its Bilingual Extension)

Elaine Sands

Janet Schoepflin
Chair, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Assistant Professors

Dana Battaglia Reem Khamis-Dakwar
A Special Educator
Anne Mungai Ph.D., runs an orphanage and school in her native country of Kenya.
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