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The Robert and Augusta P. Finkelstein Memorial Lecture

The Robert and Augusta P. Finkelstein Memorial Lecture Series was established by Adelphi University in 1981 in honor of the late Robert Finkelstein, a noted industrialist and staunch believer in state and federal support of elementary and secondary education. The endowed lecture is provided through the generosity of Mrs. Augusta P. Finkelstein, a 1928 Adelphi graduate, in memory of her husband. Her goal was “to provide a series of lectures by well-known persons recognized for their commitment to the elementary and secondary public school system.” Following Mrs. Finkelstein’s death, the lecture was renamed in honor of them both.

Mr. Finkelstein was a dedicated crusader for public education, who believed that local advances would strengthen the entire public education system. He was an advocate of state and federal aid to education, the separation of church and state, and he urged open communication between school boards and citizens. His commitment to education is demonstrated by affiliation with various groups whose purpose was to improve the public school system. As a leading industrialist in Woonsocket, RI, Mr. Finkelstein had wanted nothing except “the satisfaction of seeing young people have the opportunity for the best education possible.”

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Past Speakers

2010-11         Michael Apple
2009-10         Alan R. Sadovnik
2008–09        Patrick Finn
2007–08        Ngugi wa Thiong’o
2005–06        Richard Mills 
2003–04        Gerry House
2002–03        Dr. Betty Reardon    
2001–02        Harold Levy  
2000–01        Tom Sobol     
1999–00        Rudy Crew    
1998–99        Jean Anyon   
1997–98        Henry Levin  

1995–96        Elliot Eisner  
1994–95        David Elkind 
1993–94        Nell Noddings           
1992–93        Marc Bernstein         
1989–90        Maxine Greene         
1988–89        Howard Gardner      
1987–88        Basil Bernstein         
1986–87        Linda Darling-Hammond    
1985–86        Ira Singer      
1984–85        Richard Doremus     
1983–84        John Goodlad & Sol Chaiken 
1981–82        Raymond Moore

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