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Adult Fitness Program
The Adult Fitness Program promotes exercise as preventative medicine, and is sponsored by the Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness Institute.

Obesity Clinic with Winthrop University Hospital
The department is currently working with Winthrop University Hospital on a joint medical consultation and activity program. Students in exercise science have an opportunity to participate in this program.

Henry Viscardi School
Students in teaching have an opportunity to do field work and are assigned children to work with at this specialized school for the physically disabled.

Make a Splash Program (Hempstead Schools)
The department faculty are working with Hempstead High School on a join grant with the Red Cross, Hempstead Schools, and Adelphi University. The intent is to prepare lifeguards as well as implement the National TPSR (teaching for personal and social responsibility) skills through a swim program. Adelphi students have an opportunity to participate in the training program.

This professional organization promotes the exchange of ideas in teaching and research among health educators. Founded by Adelphi faculty, it also sponsors the annual Partnerships in Health Conference.

The Nassau County School Wellness Coalition
This coalition was formed to support school districts in reevaluating or forming local wellness policies mandated by the WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004. School districts who participate in the Coalition receive assistance in accessing resources, identifying grant money for program implementation, performing school assessments, and formal recognition.

Financial Aid
You can afford your college education.
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The Model Program
Watch a video about Adelphi’s partnerships with exemplary K-12 schools.
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Partnerships in Health
About 150 attended the 12th annual HealthNets event.
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