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About the Department

Our Mission

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction prepares students to enter the professional education community with pride.  Our range of undergraduate and graduate programs offer concentrations in many specialized areas of teaching and leadership. Through courses and fieldwork, students learn how to combine educational theories and techniques to improve classroom learning.

What we believe:

  • We believe in a dual commitment to the arts and to social justice. At a time when many schools of education have eliminated these disciplines, we remain steadfast in encouraging students to explore the arts, and engaging students in dialogue about the economic, social, political, gender, and ethnic inequalities that exist in today’s society.
  • We believe that learning is both subjective and shaped by big ideas. Our classes and group activities encourage ongoing discussions and autobiographical inquiry to help students make personal connections.
  • We are committed to liberating students from the confines of traditional education. Students who are imaginative and empowered become teachers who are keenly aware of the social injustices of our world, willing to explore ways to alleviate those inequalities.

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Teach Grades 5–9
In just five weeks, become a middle school teacher through our new certification program.
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Race to the Top
Dr. Emily Kang partners with Long Island school districts
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SEA Program
The Ammon School offers scholarship funds for science education students.
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